Aquarius man

Congratulations are in order because you are surely landing a smart one! Yup, your Aquarius guy has an impressive intellect. Perhaps it is his enlightened personality that attracts you in the first place. No doubt when you look into his eyes you see a sage master there that other Zodiac males just do not seem to possess. When he looks intently in your direction, you feel as if he is looking right through you, past your physical vessel and is seeing your soul!

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Does he make you blush? Of course, he does! Well, if you have fallen hard for an Aquarius male, you are in for one wild ride. After all, the Aquarius man lives in his head and is constantly coming up with new innovations and wild ideas — in and out of the bedroom! So, the question remains: Are you ready for a relationship with someone who can go from aloof to intensely intimate in 2.

The Aquarius man is taught life lessons as if learning by experience and rote memory — he will repeat the same lesson repeatedly until he finally has mastery over it. He has paid his dues, struggled through major challenges, and has risen above the fray.

The Aquarius man is the hero and champion of his own life. Such is the chief teaching of the planet of his influence Saturn — full mastery over his own reality. Thus, this planetary energy can help the Aquarius man develop confidence through successful achievements, whether the challenges he conquers are spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, or all the latter.

Trial and error is the name of the game when it comes to the Aquarius male and his learning techniques — which, on the surface seems like an undesirable way to learn. However, this really allows the Aquarius male to understand and retain what experience has taught him. Over time, he develops an intense degree of appreciation and gratitude for having gained so much wisdom and insight via these though life lessons. The Aquarius man comes to understand that through suffering he learns and grows and he recognizes how life lessons shape who he is today.

In a negative light, the continuous struggles the Aquarius man endures may leave him feeling less than confident about his life choices and what his future holds. This Zodiac Sign may develop an issue with self-esteem, confidence, and may find himself continually comparing himself to others to gauge where he is at in his life and where he thinks he ought to be.

Somewhat aloof and a bit on the awkward side, the Aquarius Man is sometimes hard to get a sense of so it is not unlike a partner to question where his heart lies, or if he is genuine when it comes to expressing himself. The Aquarius Man is not one prone to big, outward passionate displays of affection.

Aquarius Man: Love, Personality Traits & More

They like their personal space even when in a relationship and when someone crosses the boundaries of space the Aquarius Man feels out of sorts.Know with whom you share the best and worst relations with, based on your Zodiac Sign. Venus in Sagittarius: Know how will Venus transit in Sagittarius impact your life. Seeing the things before they happen can really make you take intel Venus in Capricorn: In this article, know about the Venus transit in Capricorn and its effects on the 12 moon signs.

Know how will this planetary tran Mars in Libra: In this article, know about the Mars transit in Libra and its effects on the 12 moon signs. Check out what is for you in this planetary Mercury In Scorpio: In this article, know about the developments as Mercury enters Scorpio and Mercury transit effects on the 12 moon signs Money is on your mind today! If you want to sort o During this period, Saturn rules the Aquarius sign During this phase, things might seem tough. This year seems to be filled up with adventures an Ashton Kutcher, the stylish actor who has acted in various popular films, including 'Jobs', in which he played the role of the iconic Steve Jobs, celebrated his B-day on February 7.

Check out what lies ahead for him in Write Your Question Career :. Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Home Zodiac Signs Aquarius Man. Aquarius Man.When it comes to zodiac matchesmen and women of the same sign can sometimes have trouble depending on the sign involved. It is true that they understand each other in a way that no one else can.

On the other hand, they lack balance. The energy of this sign gets magnified. In the case of a strong-willed and independent sign like Aquarius, this pair will be so much alike that they will have a hard time connecting with each other. Indeed, it is possible that these two will dislike each other intensely, at least at first. If these two remain in contact over time, however, an Aquarius man and Aquarius woman may very well warm to each other.

Aquarius is a Fixed Sign, who does not like change. This makes Aquarius extremely stable once they enter into a long-term relationship. An Aquarius native of either gender will be unusual in some way. The Aquarius archetype is a prophet or truth-teller. An Aquarius will notice that the emperor has no clothes and will not hesitate to say so.

aquarius man

This sign does not feel bound by social conventions in any way. Aquarius often relishes being downright eccentric. For this reason, this sign has a reputation for being liberal or progressive.

It is true that some Aquarius natives do lean left politically. On the other hand, Aquarius may also be quite conservative.

aquarius man

One never knows. Because this sign is not one to follow societal expectations in anything, an Aquarius is rarely bothered by feeling the need to fit in with respect to gender. Because of this, it is common for Aquarius natives of either gender to be somewhat androgynous. Yet, there are some natural differences between men and women, even when it comes to Aquarius. Most people are aware of the difference between yin and yang, which is translated into night and day or cold and hot.

Indeed, most modern astrological texts use the terms feminine and masculine for these qualities. Yet, there is another division between signs, wet and dry, which is an earlier and more accurate way of differentiating feminine energy from masculine energy. This is because all other factors being equal, men tend to be drier, meaning more analytical and more judgmental, than women. This tendency tends to make Aquarius men harder, more stubborn, and less open to change than Aquarius women.

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An Aquarius woman has no interest in conforming to or rebelling against gender role expectations.ArielB Leave a comment. You are an Aquarius if your birthday is between January 20th — February 18th. The Aquarius man personality is an independent spirit who wants to do whatever he can to make the world a better placenot only for himself, but also for others.

The Aquarian will likely start off with an idea that seems off the wall, but as he develops the idea more it should start to make sense to others, and not just himself anymore. When the Aquarius man personality traits show he is still a boy in school he is more likely to find interest in more creative classes like English or musicand less likely to find joy in math or science.

This is because the Water Bearer has an inner drive that motivates him to be creative. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The Aquarius man characteristics show he is more likely to thrive when it comes to homework assignments that involve writing essays, creating stories or poems, or making something with his hands in an art class. The two simply go hand in hand with each other when it comes to the Aquarius man. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

The Aquarius man traits show he is not all whimsical ; he is also determined and ambitious. While his dreams may not include becoming the CEO of a large company, he will still want to do something important in his life.

When it comes to short-term goals, the Aquarius man personality will not stop working on them until he gets them done. The Aquarius man is not one to become distracted while working on a goal or side-tracked onto another activity.

His mind is bursting with ideas and things to do, and his determination motivates him enough to accomplish many of his goals throughout his lifetime. The Aquarius man traits show he is also quick to making friends. His creative nature is likable. He is many to have many friends, but not many close friends. He likes to talk to others and share his ideas, but he will prefer to only share his deeper and more sensitive feelings with only the closest of his friends or his partner.

What Color Matches Your Personality? Take The Test Now!! The Aquarius man personality traits show he will want to travel and see the world during his lifetime.

He is likely to become bored with his surroundings quickly. The Aquarius male also requires a certain amount of freedom to be able to go where he wants and do what he pleases. Test Now!!! If he cannot get out of his normal environment every once in a while then he is prone to become ill-tempered. It is like the opposite of home-sickness with the Aquarius guy.

He sometimes is sick of home and needs to see other places and experience new opportunities. When it comes to romance, the Aquarius man characteristics show he is more likely to want a partner who he can share his ideas with.

Aquarius man

He could care less what his partner looks like, so long as they are alike. Find What Your Star Sign Is Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 He will want a partner that is willing to go on adventures with him and share his creative vibe. This sort of romance will lead to a strong relationship between the couple.

Tags aquarius aquarius woman. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.When it comes to relationships, the Aquarius man will settle for nothing short of a sexual and romantic revolution. Like a bedside Che Guevera, he wants to shake up love as we know it and bring romance solidly into the 21st century—or perhaps even the 22nd. The aforementioned Aquarius Dr.

Lobster has founded a movement called Modern Romantic Completionism. Interdependence is the name of his game. In fact, it was our Aquarius friend Miguel who first introduced us to this term when describing his perfect relationship. You both have full lives, then come together voluntarily, to unwind, grow and have fun. He longs to coexist, rather than merge. He can be aloof and awkward, hesitant to commit. However, in his mid- to late 30s, the Aquarius man may finally decide to reckon with those demons known as feelings.

He might plunge into a philosophical movement or a spiritual modality to explore his emotions safely, in an almost scientific way.

9 Hot Signs Of An Aquarius Man In Love

Either that, or he smokes a lot of weed and feels those funny sensations—love! Formerly squeamish about anything more touchy-feely than a backslapping hug or a high five, he suddenly starts training for his massage license, or becomes an eager volunteer to give out shoulder rubs. Aquarius is the sign of the future, and this can prevent him from living in the moment. His anxiety and nerves often get the best of him, preventing him from forging deeper bonds because of this knee-jerk response.

Tranquilizer, anyone? If an Aquarius does sign on for the long haul, he needs to be handled with care. Once his heart is invested, the Aqaurius man can be hypersensitive and overly intense—no longer the cool, devil-may-care dude holding court at the party. Being an Air sign, the Aquarius man needs a relationship that gives him wings and a purpose. Aquarius wants a partner to be his pupil, travelmate and sounding board.

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Above all, he needs to be trusted. But to fulfill a vision, or live out a future that inspires and excites him with endless possibility? If you fit with his master plan, pack your sleeping bag and hiking shoes. CopyrightTali and Ophira Edut. All rights reserved. Aquarius Man in Love Manstrology. Listen: Your April Numerology Forecast.An Aquarius man and a Libra woman are both Air Signs. Signs of the same element have a connection between each other known as a trine.

A trine is the most harmonious aspect there is between signs. Signs that are trine have a deep understanding of each other and, at the same time, are well-balanced.

This makes them an excellent match by zodiac sign. Both an Aquarius man and a Libra woman are very social and need intellectual stimulation in order to feel attraction for someone. Even though he enjoys the company of others, an Aquarius man can be aloof, and he enjoys being different.

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He will benefit from the charm and diplomacy of a Libra woman. A Libra woman has many social graces, but she sometimes has trouble setting boundaries and being her own person. An Aquarius man will be able to help her in these areas.

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An Aquarius man is a law unto himself. He prides himself on being different and unusual. The function of Aquarius is the Truth Teller. It is Aquarius that will see that the emperor has no clothes, and he is not afraid to speak up. In order to perform this function, an Aquarius man needs to have a sufficient level of detachment.

He enjoys the company of other people, but he does not worry about what they think of him. This gives him a unique perspective on the world. An Aquarius man has the reputation of being cold and independent. That reputation is a bit misleading, however. As an Air Sign, he really does need companionship, and he is surprisingly stable when he enters into a relationship.

aquarius man

It is true that a relationship with him will move extremely slowly.This guy has a very unconventional and kinky yearning when it comes down to sex and choosing a sex partner.

Find out what an Aquarius man likes in bed and how amazing he can be. His sexual appetite leans more towards the curious side of experimenting rather than ordinary sex that you may be accustomed to with other sun sign boyfriends. Keep reading for more about the Aquarius man sexuality traits. Hopefully, you are in the mood to make love under any conditions, in any location, and at any time. Sometimes the bedroom is just too boring and traditional. Aquarius men can be difficult to be in love with.

You will need to share the same kind of desires. If you are both falling in love, then good for you! But, not every girl can play these kinds of sex games and enjoy the same kind of excitements in bed.

aquarius man

Sometimes you might feel like you are doing a more of a porn scene on camera with a handsome porn star rather than making love with your boyfriend. Aquarius man sexuality traits are quite erotic and high powered! If he has fallen in love with you, then you can be sure that he will be a loyal friend and lover, but if he is not in love with you, you will be just another partner to have sexual encounters with. The Aquarius man sexuality traits are vast and expansive.

Mr. Kinky of The Zodiac: What An Aquarius Man Likes In Bed

There are many things that you learn about him when he starts pulling out his moves. Aquarius men are very curious and love to go beyond the normal ideas of traditional sex in the bedroom. If you read the book Fifty Shades of Grey, the leading character would certainly have a very strong influence of Aquarius in his birth chart.

He is the guy that will give you thrills like little bolts of lightning going through your body. Your Aquarius boyfriend will never be boring in the bedroom, and as mentioned previously, he thrives on surprise and sudden change of direction. He will be filled with erotic adventures and will want to talk about these topics with you. In fact, he will want to talk a lot about everything.

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